Working From Home Like A Boss

Working From Home

[Image Description] a gray and dark green infographic, numbered 1-6 with tips about working from home, with graphics next to it. Title: Working From Home Like a Boss

How to stay sane while working from home

  1. Respect the Slump: During the first few days of social distancing, don’t expect yourself to be super productive or routinized. You WILL want to lay in bed and watch TV and sleep a lot—especially if you’re not used to WFH. After a few days you’ll get bored of doing nothing, and productivity will come more easily. [There is a line drawing of a calendar next to the number one]
  2. Get Outta Bed: Once you’re done being lazy, get up! Whatever you DO NOT work from your bed. Your brain associates bed with sleep. Find a designated workspace, like a desk or chair or even the couch. Then switch it up when you need a change of scenery. [There is a line drawing of a moon and stars next to the number two]
  3. Dress for Success: We’re not saying you have to be wearing dress slacks around your living room, but do change out of your pajamas before work. You can still be comfy—it’s just the action of CHANGING from sleeping to working clothes is whats important. Take off your sleep t-shirt, brush your hair, etc. [There is a line drawing of a pj shirt next to the number three]
  4. Ventilate!: This is a weird one, but trust us. There is NOTHING worse than stuffy, stale indoor air. It’ll make you sleepy when you’re trying to get work done. Crack a window, turn on a fan, or take a break and go for a walk. Don’t underestimate the importance of fresh air. [There is a line drawing of a window next to the number four]
  5. Remember to Socialize: This is an important one. Social distancing and self-quarantining is lonely, so this is the perfect time to call a friend! Text your mom, FaceTime your bestie, call your brother, WHATEVER. Set aside a little time every day to socialize—it’ll do so much good. [There is a line drawing of four hands touching each other next to the number five]
  6. Take it Easy: Finally, remember that we are experiencing a massive and stressful global crisis—so it’s okay if you’re not as productive as usual. If you’re struggling with getting work done, reach out to managers and professors and let them know. This isn’t easy for anyone, and the only way we can get through this is by helping each other. [There is a line drawing of a bubble bath next to the number six]

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